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Running Down the RIDICULOUS

The mysterious case of Mitt Romney and his merry band of Negros   By Wilson Nathaniel Thomas      Well certainly by now everyone living on the planet Earth is fully aware of the fact that Mitt Romney’s performance at the 2012 NAACP convention in Houston, Texas was less than stellar, but then again, we are talking about Mitt Romney Right?     I do think that for most people within the African Ameri ...

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Political drama unfolds the politics of divide and conquer

By Derek Joy       Presidential politics keep heating up.    President Barack Obama taking hits for his campaign strategy that has seen its attack ads send soon to be GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney reeling on the defensive ropes.     Romney has questions to answer regarding his role in the Bain Corporation, his outsourcing of jobs, his tax returns and a Swiss Bank Account.     And in the city of Miami ...

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