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Pediatricians says state won’t meet about issue about ‘Obamacare’

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, pediatricians say they've been trying to meet with the agency that oversees the state's Medicaid program ...

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Christian, Mormonism and voting

Christian beliefs to such a degree that voting for a Mormon by Christians would be theologically acceptable ...

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To thine enemy’s and friends be true

He proved himself to be one relentlessly nasty, ruthless, cold hearted human being ...

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Economics fuels political fires in the politics of greed

The video comments made by Romney behind the closed doors of his select circle did it ...

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Dead in the political waters

It is no secret that Black voters in the United States will determine who will be in the White House and who will be in the political dog house! ...

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How to reelect the President

the best thing we can do for Barack Obama and other Democrats is to ensure high Democratic turnout, which we do by registering ...

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Did Romney shoot himself in the foot with secret tapes?

He felt he was able to drop his defenses and tell his friends what he truly felt ...

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Mitt Romney just can’t stop himself

Mitt Romney wants to be the President of the free world, but the man cannot even understand the laws ...

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Food additive MSG in Chinese foods and grocery food items sold can be harmful

(MSG) in Chinese food and many Americans who eat it often and become seriously ill later ...

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