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Brown face and empty seats

Romney’s campaign, and somehow I foolishly believed that the spectacle of buffooner ...

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What do you expect from greed?

fundraiser at which the GOP nominee made such a despicable statement. ...

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The marathon portion of the Election is over, the sprint has begun—50 days and counting

elections are too long and our local elections too many. But, that is a column for another day. ...

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Operation Big is back

Operation Big Vote in Broward first began a massive effort to increase voter turnout. ...

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Seal and Expunge Your Criminal Record at the AARLCC

Sealed records are closed to all but certain government officials ...

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Several property tax amendments on ballot

amendments to reduce property tax levies for groups ranging from first-time homebuyers to disabled veterans, while preventing increases on those whose homes lose value. ...

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Perpetrating a fraud and stealing the consumer’s confidence

retired insurance adjuster who frequently travels between Florida and South Carolina to visit family, ...

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