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Immigration reform being propelled by gathering force

There is a gathering force propelling the movement to-wards comprehensive federal immigration reform in Washington ...

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Dick Gregory: Spike Lee is a Punk and a Thug

And Spike Lee can’t appreciate that. The little thug ...

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23 Executive Orders on gun control signed by the President

President Obama last week announced and signed 23 executive orders to reduce gun violence and increase gun safety ...

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Obama Gun Control initiative draws impeachment threat

violent gun-related crime has provoked conservatives into a state of near-apoplexy, with at least one Republican House member suggesting he would bring impeachment proceedings against the President Obama. ...

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What about the children?

What will it take for our children to be given a chance at educational success without another 10 year ride on the failure roller coaster ...

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Hands off Malia and Sasha Obama

President Obama is “skeptical about putting armed security in our schools ...

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We shall overcome

We Shall Overcome.” The song symbolizes the fact that we have not reached equality; however, Dr. King and countless others believed that we would get there someday. ...

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Lance Armstrong was following an American tradition

Lance Armstrong wanted to win so he doped up, and some of those around him probably did the same. ...

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President Obama stands on the shoulders of 50 years of history

President Obama took the oath of office on Monday, he was surrounded by an extraordinary legacy of 50-year civil rights milestones that helped make possible his first and second inauguration ...

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