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White House Aide: Obama hasn’t abandoned Blacks

President Obama sent a clear signal in his State of the Union speech that he will continue to advocate on behalf of both the middle class and the poor. ...

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Is there a link between housing policy and violence?

Moving project residents into new neighborhoods created tensions with established residents and that sometimes led to violence. In fact, some say public housing policy is one of the causes of violence in some poor Chicago neighborhoods ...

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What’s the Big Deal?”: Fox News hosts mock 102-year-old woman who waited in line hours to vote

she waited in line for three hours before being told to come back later. She finally cast her vote later that evening when she returned ...

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“Jesse Jackson, Jr., Christopher Dorner”

They are both men who were experienced in their chosen professions, were educated and well trained ...

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Winners of AARLCC’s 2013 Black History Month Essay Contest

three Broward County students for their winning essays in the Black History Month essay contest held annually at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center (AARLCC). ...

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Statement from Cloves Campbell, Chairman National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) The Black Press of America

Statement from Cloves Campbell, Chairman National Newspaper Publishers Association ...

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A story of hardship and hope

This family’s story of hardship and hope has unraveled over the course of the children’s young lives. ...

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Putting Economics before politics

Economics is about empowerment, and our dollars should be used more wisely to that end. Politics is about self-interest, and our votes should reflect that truth ...

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Lil Wayne insults the memory of Emmett Till

Like everyone else, I was appalled to learn that rapper Lil Wayne had made a vulgar reference to Till’s death ...

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