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Black women see dramatic fall in incarceration rates

Incarceration rates fall for Black women ...

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Farrakhan: ‘White people fear becoming the minority’

Min. Louis Farrakhan said that whites want Black women to use birth control because they – white people – fear becoming the minority ...

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Congresswoman Frederica Wilson receives Broward Black Elected Officials Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Community Service Award

This was the first time the event has been sold out and this is first time the Broward Black Elected Officials have given a Lifetime Achievement Award ...

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Explaining the Dorner tragedy LAPD Chief Beck addresses Black leadership

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck collaborated with leaders of the Black community on Tuesday at the Sentinel offices on Crenshaw Blvd. ...

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Rosa Parks honored by Congress with full-length statue

Last Wednesday, in ceremony hosted by President Barack Obama and members of Congress, Rosa Parks became the first Black woman to have her full-length likeness depicted in the National Statuary Hall ...

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Kearney: Janell is a graduating Cum Laud Senior from FLORIDA AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL UNIVERSITY better known as FAMU with a Bachelor’s in Health Science ...

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Onion’s apology is not accepted

Excuse me! Blessedly hundreds of people shared their outrage in the electronic media so forcefully that the Onion’s CEO, Steve Hannah, apologized ...

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Car-title loans: $3.6 billion in interest paid on $1.6 billion in loans

According to new joint research report by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), the average car-title loan of $951 winds up costing the typical borrower $2,142 in interest. Nationwide, 7,730 car-title lenders in 21 states reap $3.6 billion in interest on loans valued at only $1.6 billion ...

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Frank Bow of Ohio

Republican congressman from Ohio, Frank Bow, proposed 5 percent cuts in most appropriation bills ...

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