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Closures of 53 schools tied to education profiteering, say critics

Let’s not pretend when you close schools primarily on the south and west sides (of Chicago) that the children who would be affected are Black ...

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One in four is too many

Too many young people become infected and too few are tested for HIV. ...

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Warring with the war on drugs

War on Drugs is a racially biased and strategy ...

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Commissioner Sue Gunzburger and others fight to keep North Perry Air Traffic Control Tower open

The Broward Commission approved emergency funding of $43,000 monthly to keep this tower open through September, short-term funding ...

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Chicago to pay 55K to woman tasered by cops while pregnant

settlement to a woman who was tasered by police in front of her two young children while she was pregnant. ...

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Coach who revealed Rutgers tape accused of extorting the university, but his attorney says “no way”

allegedly reveals Murdock requesting $950,000 from the university in exchange for his decision not to reveal the video footage to the public. ...

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An 11-year-old Phoenix student treated like a common criminal

He is 11 and in the fifth grade and they were treating him like a criminal ...

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Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout urge local Boy Scout councils to reject National Policy banning gay youth and parents

BSA membership revoked — just because he’s bisexual,” said Scoutmaster James Happell, who launched his petition on “This kind of discrimination in the BSA has to stop.” ...

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Magic Johnson opens up about his son and being gay in the African American community

Johnson also addressed the negative comments that have been burning up blogger pages, when the news broke about his son being gay ...

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