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Above the Influence March and Rally

Please join Broward County School Board members, Superintendent Robert Runcie, the United Way of Broward County and a host of community partners for Above the Influence Broward - March for a Healthy Future! on Saturday May 18th.  Above the Influence encourages our youngsters to be themselves, and not let negative influence sway their judgment.  Pressure to drink, do drugs, be thin, discriminate against othe ...

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“Flesh display in the sanctuary”

Breasts, thighs, calves of the sisterhood are everywhere one looks; the brothers have shirts unbuttoned almost to the navel and pants tight enough to outline their personal selves. It not only is inappropriate, it is disgraceful and an affront to the God we claim to worship ...

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The hip hop dilemma

And if it’s a dilemma for our younger generation, imagine what it’s like for adults. Ask your mother or aunt what is their dilemma with Hip Hop and the question will ignite a long, drawn out conversation because in some way or another Hip Hop bothers them, deeply. ...

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Rosa Lee Holmes, who is 77 years old is in bankruptcy and foreclosure because the Department of Justice, Federal Lands Acquisition Office will not release the money needed to save her home and improve her overall quality of life. This is money owed to her for the use of her land. Considering Ms. Holmes age this can be called elder abuse by the government. Under the US Constitution, the Fifth Amendment, Pres ...

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