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Valedictorian who recited Lord’s Prayer gets attacked by anti-religion groups

Roy Costner IV, 18, who ripped up his prepared speech and instead delivered the Lord’s Prayer, has come under attack from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). ...

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President Obama appoints an African American judge

President Obama announced his nomination of three candidates for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ...

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Obama: Gov’t Surveillance of phone calls and Emails represents ‘modest’ privacy encroachment

President Obama said monitoring people’s emails and phone records represent “modest encroachments” on privacy that help detect terrorist activity. ...

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Obama once said “no President is above the law” when it comes to spying on American Citizens

The spying has occurred under the regime of President Barack Obama, making him appear quite hypocritical relative to the man he appeared to be seven years ago. ...

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Creator of “The Wire” says war on drugs is a “holocaust in slow motion”; jurors should refuse to convict

discussed the drug war, which is described as a global crusade ...

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Here’s the real story behind Michelle Obama’s Heckler

You also probably know that the heckler was “taken aback” when Mrs. Obama descended from the podium and came eye to eye with her, forcing the audience to choose: Either the heckler goes or I go. ...

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Donald Trump says Blacks and Hispanics are responsible for violent crime

Donald Trump went to Twitter to state that he feels that Blacks and Hispanics are responsible for much of the violence that occurs ...

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Heckler explains why she went after First Lady Michelle Obama

Sturtz is a fighter for the rights of the LGBT community and doesn’t feel that President Obama and his wife are doing enough ...

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