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I am a Citizen of Hip Hop

What it means to be a citizen in American culture has evolved into a question of greater significance: What does it mean to be human? ...

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Blacks more willing to make privacy concessions

Blacks are more willing than whites to have their privacy rights invaded if it will help investigate possible terrorists ...

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Religious liberty and inclusion

we have approached a very similar point in the struggle for basic fairness and equality under the law ...

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Democrats think Scott is an easy target to beat in 2014

Democrats think Scott is an easy target to beat in 2014 ...

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Kim Kardashain gives birth to a beautiful baby

Kim gave birth to a bouncing baby girl ...

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Soul singer teams with industry veteran Henry Stone for album salute to be released April 16

oul singer-keyboardist Latimore unleashes his gravely blues vocals to pay tribute to legend Ray Charles on “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles,” ...

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Why does the Bible say, “Honor your father and mother”?

The fifth commandment is designed to keep parents sane by giving children a principle to guide their behavior and attitudes toward their parents ...

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Juneteenth is worth celebrating

[caption id="attachment_12129" align="alignleft" width="180"] William Reed[/caption] Business Exchange Juneteenth is worth celebrating By William Reed      Did you know that the official African-American holidays are: Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Juneteenth? What do you, and your family, do to celebrate Juneteenth? Also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, the Juneteenth holiday is an abbre ...

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Economic Freedom Riders

It is always interesting to reflect on certain events that took place in days gone by, especially when it comes to economic issues. ...

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