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Shoot’em Up! Bang! Bang!

Shoot’em Up! Bang! Bang! By Dedrick Henry, Sr. First and foremost, I’m quite sure the world is as shocked as I am with the verdict for the murder of young Trayvon Martin. I send my prayers and condolences to the Martin family. I don’t know what has happened to our justice system, laws, morals and simple things like right and wrong. Was and is this all by design? Are we as Black folk here just to be eliminat ...

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The Supreme Court’s voting rights decision ‘made me want to cry’

The Supreme Court’s voting rights decision ‘made me want to cry’ By John Lewis [Rep. John Lewis’ testimony July 17, 2013 before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Shelby v. Holder case that invalidated Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.] Since first being elected to Congress, Congressman Sensenbrenner has been a tireless champion of the Votin ...

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What should we tell our sons?

What should we tell our sons? By Gary L. Flowers Last week’s injustice to the life and legacy of Trayvon Martin takes its infamous place in the annals of United States history, along with the 1857 Dred Scott Supreme Court ruling, the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson court ruling, the 1955 Emmett Till murder, and the 1963 fire hosing and church bombing of Black children in Birmingham, Ala., and the 2010 murder Oscar ...

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