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“50 years later”

50 years after the March On Washington, our children are in greater danger than ever before, our voting rights are being threatened by racists in suits instead of white robes and no boat we have been in has been lifted by any economic tide. ...

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The gift of the struggle

we embarked on her summer of blackness, which included her attending the Aug. 24 March on Washington, a heavy dose of research, summer reading, movies and documentaries detailing not only the facts about African enslavement, American racism, and long-term injustices but also the roots thereof. ...

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D.C. Marches inclusive – up to a point

D.C. Marches inclusive – up to a point By George E. Curry Organizers of the two recent marches on Washington – one called by Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King, III and the other engineered primarily by King’s sister, Bernice – almost stumbled over one another praising the diversity of their respective marches. However, not one addressed the elephant in the room: Why was more emphasis placed on bringing in ...

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Jobs and Freedoms still needed

Jobs and Freedoms still needed By Lee A. Daniels On Saturday August 24 and Wednesday, August 28, tens of thousands of Americans gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to honor the 1963 March on Washington and the Movement that brought America into the modern age. Speaker after speaker — including three American presidents who declared they owed their presidencies to the societal changes the Movement made possible ...

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