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Jet Magazine re-laucnhes with new cover and content for new audiences

Jet magazine hit newsstands this week with a fresh new design and a mission to draw in new audiences. ...

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The HIV care continuum initiative: The next step of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The Strategy has given a new sense of direction, and purpose in our fight against HIV and AIDS. ...

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How the ACA will affect People Living With HIV/AIDS: Advocacy to ensure full implementation of the ACA

And given that Black people living with HIV are currently most likely to fall through the cracks of our health-care system, Black advocates need to play a pivotal role in state-level advocacy. ...

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Black men most at risk for prostate cancer

Black males are more likely to die of prostate cancer than any other racial group, followed by White, Hispanic, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian/Pacific Islander men. ...

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Young African-American males culminate FAMU’s summer program especially tailored for them

More than 50 young African-American males participated in the FAMU Black Male College Explorers Program this summer ...

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Five ‘Stand Your Ground’ cases you should know about

Five ‘Stand Your Ground’ cases you should know about ...

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Protesters camped out at Governor Scott’s office

protesters camped out at Governor Scott’s office for 4 days ...

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Jesse Jackson: ‘There is a Trayvon in every town’

‘There is a Trayvon in every town’ ...

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Panel urges NAACP to keep up fight for Voting Rights Act

NAACP members to help them come up with evidence to convince Congress the Voting Rights Act is still needed. ...

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