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The Unbelievable Walmart

The Unbelievable Walmart ...

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Pebbles makes the wrong kind of waves

[caption id="attachment_13908" align="alignleft" width="144"] Jineea Butler[/caption] Hip Hop Connection Pebbles makes the wrong kind of waves By Jineea Butler      Pebbles Ward who is a cast member on hit reality series “South Beach Tow” reached out to the Hip Hop Union for help.  She said it was a life or death situation and she had nowhere else to turn.  I asked her to explain to me how the Hip Hop Union ...

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Toni Braxton back in studio with Babyface and going on tour after struggling with lupus and retiring

She has now confirmed that she and Babyface have been recording her new album in the studio. She has also confirmed that she will be doing a 14 city tour as well ...

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Mother and son racially abused by policeman tell of 4-year justice fight

Mother and son racially abused by policeman tell of 4-year justice fight A mother and son who were racially abused by a policeman revealed today that they had to teach themselves law because they couldn’t find a solicitor who would take on the Met. By Emer Martin Dwain Mae, 23, and his mother Andrea were called “Black bastard”, “Black pig” and “n****r” during a routine stop and search in Streatham in 2009. ...

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DOH recommends South Florida MSM population learn risks of bacterial meningitis

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) recommends that the Men having Sex with Men (MSM) population educate themselves on the risks associated with bacterial meningitis ...

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African Americans and pancreaticcancer: Things to know

Pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in African Americans more often than in other racial/ethnic groups in the United States. And African Americans are more likely than other groups to die from the disease ...

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Black parents, respect your children

Black parents who talk to their children with the same respectful tone and vocabulary that they’d use in a professional setting ...

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Anthony Foxx sworn in as Obama’s Transportation Secretary

The reward for Foxx is that he is now the Transportation Secretary for the Obama Administration. Foxx was sworn in this week in a private ceremony ...

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