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Remembering Uncle M. L.: Alveda King reflects on the death of the Dreamer

Uncle M.L. is no longer with us on earth, his voice lives on in the words he used to change our nation in the cause of justice ...

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Both parties don’t like the President’s budget for 2013

block all of the president’s proposals and initiatives. ...

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Church holds march to fight school-to-prison pipeline for Black children

The march was held to help boost awareness of the uneven proportion of arrests and imprisonment of African Americans ...

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Pastor’s book leads readers back to God

God Still Speaks ...

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African leaders avoid U.S. Blacks

African leaders constantly complain about how they are negatively portrayed in the U.S. media, about how Blacks ...

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Money talk falls on deaf ears

money speaks loudest when it is under duress ...

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In case you missed it….

It fails to adequately protect the uninsured in the’s a budget that doesn’t recognize that many low-income Floridians suffer from health ...

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Parents make a difference: How to improve your child’s academic performance

Parents are the educators until the child attends an early years setting or starts school. ...

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