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Who is wrong with the American Government?

Norquist has one goal in mind ...

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Soledad O’Brien offers heartfelt goodbye to CNN viewers, says ‘facts matter’

O’Brien admitted that her relationship with CNN executives had been rocky at times. ...

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The politics of news sets off political firestorms

It was a time to focus on the religious community ...

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A year later, Trayvon Martin tragedy still stings

some people are still throwing salt on the open wound ...

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Has Governor Scott created 290,000 jobs in two years?

more than 250,000 jobs have been created since he took office ...

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Payday lending drains nearly $1 billion from communities

payday lending of $774 million in economic growth ...

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Zero and counting

American TV viewing time was up ...

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Supreme court determined to kill affirmative action

court accepted another challenge to affirmative action ...

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Medical condescension can be deadly

African Americans are treated in emergency rooms as criminals, not people in need of health services. ...

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