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2017 Recipient of the Mark E. Keane ICMA Career Excellence Award

2017-Recipient-of-the-Mark-2017 Recipient of the Mark E. Keane ICMA Career Excellence Award 

A surprised Broward County Administrator, Bertha W. Henry (r), receives recognition as 2017 Recipient of the Mark E. Keane ICMA Career Excellence Award from Mayor/District 8 Commissioner Barbara Sharief.

Statement from Mayor/District 8 Commissioner Barbara Sharief

“I would like to call down our County Administrator, Bertha Henry, for a special “surprise” presentation.

One of the most meaningful roles I have as Mayor is the opportunity to bring deserving attention to the successes of County staff at all levels of the organization.  Occasionally these distinctions rise to national and even international significance. Today is a notable example of one of those occasions.

It is with great pride and privilege that I announce that Broward County’s Administrator, Bertha Watson Henry, will be honored as an outstanding chief local government administrator at the annual meeting of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017.

Bertha, it is my honor to let you know that you are the 2017 Recipient of the Mark E. Keane ICMA Career Excellence Award given to the nation’s top local government Administrators.

I’d also like to have Assistant County Administrator Monica Cepero to join us at the podium.

This annual award recognizes the work of chief administrators and how they have enhanced the effectiveness of government officials and the creative successes they have achieved for their communities.

According to ICMA, only a handful of women have ever been awarded this coveted re-cognition, and Bertha I am proud to say that you are the FIRST African American wo-man to be given this award in the history of ICMA.

Bertha, the author of the award nomination is standing next to you and I was happy to officially endorse you when Monica first approached me in February.  Monica worked with colleagues to capture your leadership style and account for your most significant accomplishments and contributions.  She noted your work with economic development, infrastructure investment, public safety improvements, award winning community services and environmental stewardship, innovation and techno-logy, employee development and overall leadership. The nomination recognized as one of your greatest strengths your ability to address political, legislative and community challenges in a positive, collaborative and beneficial way.

Bertha, I know I represent my colleagues on the dais when I say that you are truly deserving of this honor. I present to you the 2017 ICMA Award for Career Excellence.


Mayor/District 8 Commissioner Barbara Sharief


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