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A new Struggle for Human and Civil Rights for Protection

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

A new Struggle for Human and Civil Rights for Protection

Written by P. L. Wright Ph.D.

Many of us may not know that Dr. Martin Luther King was only 19 when he began his struggle in the fight for Equal Civil, Human, equal opportunities, and the right for Equal Justice for all citizens of the United States. Our young students today and others are tired of the killing in our American schools, just as Dr. King was about civil rights, while Blacks are also still tired of struggling with the Unequal Justice, and the economic disparities in the Black communities. I support the young students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School, who have begun to demand that there be a change in our gun laws, with a new development in the construction of our schools, and the protection of our students in our American schools.  How is it that our supermarkets are protected from some the of product items by a signal sound that alerts the store management when an item has not been paid for when a patron is leaving the store with the item? Let’s get to it- we already have the technology that can be installed in our schools to alert the entire school immediately by electronic signal, that someone may be entering the school with a weapon, and all doors in the school can be electronically locked automatically, and cannot be penetrated by any type of weapon, and all students must go into the nearest door if they are not in a classroom. This must be done right now. It must be immediately installed in all American schools as an inclusion for protection.

Are we stalling to implement a tool for change in gun laws?  It is for student protection as we are still stalling with the unequal civil rights, with the inhumane treatment of African American people, as well as the unequal justice and unequal economic opportunities for African American people? Let’s place it in the same category. When will it all ends for everyone to have an equal opportunity and safety alike?

Now we have our young students all over the world demanding their civil right to be protected while studying in school, just as the African American People have been doing for decades with no change, simply to be treated humanly as a human being and an American citizen in America or anywhere in the world. We cannot even separate these two groups because they are connected as human beings and as American Citizens. I am sure we all would like to have Equality for all of us anywhere in the world. We are our Brothers Keepers everywhere. Can you not feel that in your spirit?



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