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Andrew Gillum is not corrupt!

     The television campaign advertisement that is currently being run by the Republican Party, basically saying that Mayor Andrew Gillum is corrupt, is demeaning, disturbing, disingenuous, and dishonest. Mr. Gillum is not corrupt. He is competent; he is capable; he is caring; he is confident and he is courageous. Andrew Gillum is not corrupt! ...

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Starz’s “Liberty City Warriors” Documentary

     At first glance, one would think the STARZ 6 part documentary “Liberty City Warriors,” excellently produced by LeBron James among others, is about little league football.  And it is but only ostensibly.  Because clearly in Liberty City, football is more than just a game. ...

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“Stay in the line”    

“Stay in the line"     ...

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How Can a Real Estate Agent Help You?

     Real estate agents are state licensed professionals that have been educated about the process of buying and selling property. When you obtain the services of a real estate professional, you are also acquiring their years of experience and network of contacts. A home purchase is the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime and having a trained professional on your side will ease the process. ...

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FAMU Mourns the Loss of Beloved Educator, Administrator Roosevelt ‘Prof’ Wilson

The Florida A&M University (FAMU) community is mourning the loss of former journalism professor and athletics director Roosevelt Wilson, who passed away on Sunday, Oct. 21 2018 He was 78-years-old.     ...

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Florida Community Bank supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Florida Community Bank (FCB) and its more than 725 associates statewide are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With statistics showing one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer during their life-time, FCB is doing its part to support patients and their families. ...

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New screening guidelines recognize high breast cancer risk in African American women

     New breast cancer screening guidelines recognize for the first time that African American women are at high risk for breast cancer and should be screened accordingly. ...

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The ballot or the booty

The ballot or the booty ...

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Why are Times Getting Better – Thank God!

US Steel just announced that it is putting an investment of over $750 million to refurbish previously “mothballed” facilities. In fact, steel plants all over the nation are being refurbished and that is a sure sign of increased manufacturing for our nation equating to exponential increase in high paying jobs. ...

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