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385+ killed by cops in 2015

Another set of numbers that grab your attention is from a recent study by the Washington Post that reports the police, nationwide, have killed 385 people during the first five months of this year ...

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Celebrate and empower creativity

Celebrate and empower creativity ...

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Knowing better, doing better: Anthony Galloway

Knowing better, doing better ...

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Civil rights and education advocates release reports on massive resource inequities in public schools

Civil Rights and education organizations released major reports documenting the massive resource disparities in public schools nationwide. ...

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Miami Dolphins Rookies Rebuilding Together event

Miami Dolphins Rookies Rebuilding Together event ...

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Daytona to stop asking about criminal convictions

Daytona to stop asking about criminal convictions ...

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Death of Black woman after police encounter sheds light on mental health, police abuse and cries for justice

Alesia Thomas, a Black mother with mental health challenges, ended up arrested, punched, kicked and dead after an encounter involving five white LAPD officers, ...

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Federal judge orders last ‘Angola Three’ inmate released

he last of the “Angola Three” inmates, whose decades in solitary confinement on a Louisiana prison farm drew international condemnation and became the subject of two documentaries, was ordered released Monday. ...

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ROC United responds to Chipotle’s new paid sick day and vacation policies

“The significance of Chipotle offering paid sick days and paid vacation to all their employees, including entry-level positions, cannot be understated. ...

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