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Blacks have become obsolete

Blacks have become obsolete ...

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Ending the payday lending debt trap

In just a few days, the debt trap at the core of small-dollar loans that come with triple digit interest rates and debt traps has generated an unprecedented groundswell of national and local attention ...

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African Leaders Summit: The ties that bind

African Leaders Summit: The ties that bind ...

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Thurston looks to make history as first Black Attorney General

For Perry Thurston, the Aug. 26th primary may be his first step on the way to history. If elected this year, Thurston would be the first Black Attorney General and the first elected Black cabinet officer since Reconstruction. ...

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Award-winning Broward educator files suit with EEOC against Lee County School District to defend her civil rights and protect her health

Award-winning Broward educator files suit with EEOC ...

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Jesse Jackson calls Michael Brown shooting ‘Crime of Injustice’

Jesse Jackson told The American he hopes that the U.S. Department of Justice sees the Ferguson Police shooting of Michael Brown on Saturday and resulting community violence as “systematic of a national crisis.” ...

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Pregnant protester alleges she was maced and thrown to the ground by police

A pregnant woman who protested the killing of Michael Brown says police pulled a gun on her, then maced and threw her to the ground. ...

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The North Carolina NAACP disagrees with the court’s decision to refuse to stop harsh voter restrictions from being enforced during November Election

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and his administration to have the NC NAACP’s legal challenge to the massive voter suppression law dismissed. Instead, he ruled that the case will be set for a full trial in 2015. ...

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