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Scott fighting against online Voter Registration in Florida

There are now 24 states that have online voter registration, and Florida would make 25. There are nearly 75 percent of individuals in the United States who live in a household with internet access. This is an idea that makes sense, but Governor Scott is against this initiative. ...

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Religious freedom scams

Religious freedom scams ...

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How might God reward you for refusing to get even with someone who hurt you?

“When someone hurts you, this doesn’t mean you come out swinging. You should pray for them,” ...

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Rev. Franklin Graham ignores racism

Since the post, I have personally spoken with Rev. Graham – reaching across cultural, racial and religious divides – and we both agreed that his comments were insensitive and not clothed in the right language to convey that he meant well and not ill. ...

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Butterfly effect – Be a butterfly

Butterfly effect – Be a butterfly ...

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Reviving the spirit of the Million Man March

Reviving the spirit of the Million Man March ...

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Propelling African Development

Propelling African Development ...

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Black businesses help reduce Black youth crime

One of the most powerful agents in curtailing Black youth crime in major cities is the presence of Black business owners, according to Karen Parker, professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Delaware. ...

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Black Stuntman honored by Mississippi Legislature

Willie Harris was one of the first Black stuntmen in Hollywood. And recently, he has been honored by the Mississippi Legislature… for getting shot. ...

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