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Supreme Court must keep Affirmative Acton alive

United States Supreme Court may issue a ruling that could seriously limit or altogether eliminate the use of affirmative action in university admissions ...

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Virginia’s restoration of voting rights: An American issue

The Virginia Democratic Party had decided that African-Americans were gaining too much political clout after the Civil War. ...

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We need our fathers

I believe one of the greatest problems facing the Black community is fatherlessness. ...

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Dr. Tommy Whittler: How marketing and media can save Black boys from Genocide

Young, innocent children are being shot during daylight and early evening hours in random acts. ...

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At Morehouse Graduation, Obama Blames Kenyan Deadbeat Dad, But What About His White Deadbeat Mom?

No matter the circumstance, or how unrelated the topic, Obama reverts back to the theme of Black male abandonment ...

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Is ‘Big Brother’ racially biased?

Big Brother has driven the kind of demographic that will tell you where you can find low-income, highly unemployed individuals, regardless of race ...

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Strolling down the beauty aisles

Nielsen’s latest insights highlight hair and skin beauty purchases and behavior, by the numbers among African-Americans ...

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Was Governor Scott’s trip to Chile a trade mission or vacation?

Governor Scott has gone on eight trade missions for the state of Florida and there is no empirical evidence that the trip has improved our state’s economy ...

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Obama must see Africa in a new light

President Obama and the first lady travel to Africa at the end of this month, they will receive a rapturous greeting. ...

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