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YMCA teen correspondents report on learning governmental process at State Capitol

The YMCA Youth in Government civic engagement program prepared the 31 students to represent Broward County and debate their bills on topics such as; child abuse prevention, environmental accountability, and firearm restrictions at the State Capitol Building ...

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Q&A with Danielle Houston: BTAN Fellow appointed to DHHS ARV Guideline Panel

Recently the Black AIDS Institute sat down with Danielle Houston, one of the group’s two new community members as well as its co-chair, to discuss the role she’ll play in helping craft the upcoming “Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents ...

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Bayard Rustin: An Unsung Hero for Equality

Bayard Rustin, an often un-sung hero of the civil rights movement, spent his entire life exposing injustice in our nation ...

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The Lt. Col. Honorable Thaddeus “Thad” Hamilton (Ret.) was elected, County Wide, to Seat 1 of the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District (BSWCD).

On Jan. 9, 2013 the Honorable Thaddeus “Thad” Hamilton was sworn in on the Board of Supervisors of the Broward Soil and Water Conservation District by the Honorable Martin David Kiar, Broward County Commissioner District 1 ...

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Five of America’s largest media companies announced a new collaboration in support of Let’s Move! ...

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Budget should give every Floridian a fair opportunity

I believe Florida’s budget for 2013-2014 should be guided by one simple premise: that every Floridian deserves a fair opportunity to achieve the American dream ...

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Turning the clock back on Voting Rights

of the Voting Rights Act that requires that areas with histories of past discrimination have changes to voting laws and boundaries monitored by the Justice Department. ...

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Lessons from Mark Essex and Christopher Dorner

When I first heard about Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles cop who also went on a murder spree, I was reminded of Mark Essex. Like Essex, he complained of reporting racist acts to his supervisor and nothing was done about it ...

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