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Trayvon Martin trial looms large

Trayvon Martin trial looms large ...

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Cop who choked teen to death for throwing rock walks free after acquittal

jury acquitted a Baltimore County police officer in connection with the asphyxiation death of a teen he chased after a rock was thrown at the officer’s home. ...

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Inmate forced to give birth in a toilet; CCA prisons being sued for widespread abuse

prisons, a woman had to give birth to a baby in a prison toilet because the prison staff ignored her pleas for help. The baby died after four days. ...

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The ‘Forgotten Goals’ of the 1963 March on Washington

The hoopla surrounding the observance the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom often ignores that lack of progress made since 1963 on tough issues such as persistent unemployment and wage disparities, according a newly-issued report. ...

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Eight year old uses kool-aid stand to raise money for grandmother’s funeral

An Ohio boy who wanted to help pay for his grandmother’s funeral, put up a kool-aid stand to raise money for the cause. ...

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School responds to public pressure after banning braids and afro puffs

Horizon Science Academy caused an uproar on the Internet by sending home a letter effectively banning natural hairstyles, especially small braids and afro puffs. ...

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NYC teacher accused of using 8, 9 year olds as sex toys in the classroom

A former teacher at Jackie Robinson Elementary School, New York City, Simon Watts, has been found guilty of 11 counts of forcing children to perform sexual acts in his classroom by a Queen’s jury. ...

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Police officer accused of forcing men to perform sex acts to avoid arrest

Memphis officer would allow men to perform sex acts on him in exchange for not arresting them. ...

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When a Black judge is judged in Mobile, Ala.

When a Black judge is judged in Mobile, Ala. ...

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