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The White Romney vote: Based on race?

Romney has going for him a poll-obsessed media keen on a close race sustaining ...

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Broward County Transit provides service to early voting sites

Broward County Transit (BCT) has several bus routes that serve the Broward County early voting sites. ...

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Broward County students ready to Vote 2012

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS). Students have been learning everything from the workings of a two-party system, the Electoral College, how democracy functions, differences between candidates, and most importantly, the voting process. ...

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Elections have consequences

Everyone always says that whatever the current election is, it’s the most important election ever. And they’re always right. This year is no exception. It is the most important election ever. ...

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Big early voting crowds in Florida

Florida, the largest combat zone state in the Presidential Election with people waiting hours in some cases to their cast ballots. ...

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Budget woes await winner of Presidential election

some government contractors are cutting back in anticipation of what is called sequestration and some politicians are saying that our national defense will be “hallowed” by the process ...

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Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Victor Curry greet waiting voters

Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Victor Curry greet waiting voters ...

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If you care, dare to make a difference by voting!

Simply stated it’s your Right to vote— use it or lose it. Because when it’s all said and done and you don’t vote to get what you thought you should have gotten, then you have gotten just what you deserved! ...

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