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Judge rules against State on campus early voting

      Calling it a “ham-handed” effort to keep young voters from casting ballots, a federal judge Tuesday struck down as unconstitutional an opinion issued by Gov. Rick Scott’s administration that barred early-voting sites on college and university campuses. ...

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Former President Barack Obama announces first wave of Midterm Endorsements

      Now, the Obamas are back to business, announcing that they’ve endorsed dozens of candidates in advance of November’s all-important mid-term elections. ...

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Michelle Obama Joins News “When We All Vote” Campaign for the Midterms

       Former First Lady Michelle Obama is featured in a video along with celebrities Tom Hanks, Janelle Monáe, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Lin-Manuel Miranda to encourage people to register and vote. ...

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Time for the NRA to be responsible and revise stand your ground

      It’s time the NRA address Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute. ...

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Malicious Summoning: A deterrent to racist cop-callers

Malicious Summoning: A deterrent to racist cop-callers ...

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The Need and Importance of Mentoring Black Males in 2018

      In the Black community in 2018, the overall academic achievement of African American males is appallingly low, and there should be a call to action nationwide. It is time to restore an appreciation of the role of education with young Black men and women in our community. ...

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The Parents Responsibilities— No Roots, No Fruits!!!

The Parents Responsibilities— No Roots, No Fruits!!! ...

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Man fired from Home Depot for standing up to racist customer files lawsuit against company

     The Albany man who got fired from Home Depot for defending himself against a racist customer has filed a civil lawsuit against the company. ...

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Disabled Black plumber releases memoir about discrimination that he faced for hiring minorities

Sherman Turner’s gripping memoir, Unforgettable ‘Memoir’: God Remember Me, describes his experience as an African American plumber who faced discrimination for hiring minorities. ...

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