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NRA blames everything except guns: Outdated video games, hurricanes and corporate media led to New Town

In a news conference repeatedly interrupted by protesters blaming the NRA for “killing our kids,” LaPierre shoveled out blame far and wide, going after reporters for glorifying killers like Adam Lanza, violent movies, video games, and music videos. ...

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Another Florida Death Row exoneration

With this decision, Penalver becomes Florida’s 24th exonerated Death Row prisoner. Florida has exonerated far more Death Row inmates than any other state. ...

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Attorney General Bondi reminds qualified borrowers who lost homes to foreclosure to submit claims for payment by Jan. 18, 2013

Attorney General Pam Bondi reminds Florida borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure ...

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What has caused Americas’ gun murder epidemic?

The Second Amendment may need clearer comprehension, and our lawmakers should find positive input with solutions for the gun murder epidemic ...

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Don’t deflect the blame, stand up to evil

Yet that is the nature of evil. Evil comes when you least expect it. Evil takes. ...

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Christmas reflects the spirit of sharing and giving

Aside from the commercial aspect of Christmas, consider the value of family. Yes, it is written that “charity begins at home” and a wealth of charity beyond the material concept can be seen in the virtues of value in family. ...

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It is time to act to protect children against gun violence

After all, for most parents protecting their children is a primal and primary instinct. This is just one reason this tragedy, which happened in school—a place where tens of mil-lions of parents send their children every single day and need to trust they will be safe, has instilled so much horror and despair. ...

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How social are you?

There is simply no way to avoid it; no matter how bah-humbug you may be over all this “new-fangled” connecting. ...

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National Rifle Association misfires again

National Rifle Association finally revealed last week what it was willing to do to help curb gun violence in schools, it fired a blank. ...

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