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The National Urban League announces launch of a new small business lending arm

“The creation of the Urban Empowerment Fund is historic for the National Urban League as it allows us to deepen our community impact by directly supporting small businesses – ...

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Nine LGBT athletes of color who paved the way for Jason Collins

Below, a recap of the Collins pronouncement and a look at LGBT athletes of color who have helped pave the way ...

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Hundreds of Philly students walk out of Class to protest budget cuts

Students from Benjamin Franklin High School, the Franklin Learning Center and Kensington High School for the Creative and Performing Arts walked out of class at approximately 1:30 p.m. and began protesting major cuts to education spending ...

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Former cop builds amazing robot using simple household products

Hygood is getting national media attention for being able to take regular household products and build amazing robots with them. His latest project, Hex, is a humanoid robot that is leaving observers stunned. ...

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Warn your kids: Texting while driving now the leading cause of death for teenagers

Apparently the leading cause of accidents among teenage drivers is that they text while driving ...

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HS students suspended for holding a ‘piercing party’ in the locker room

[caption id="attachment_12911" align="alignleft" width="324"] HS student suspended for having a Piercing party[/caption] HS students suspended  for holding a 'piercing party' in the locker room By Your Black World     The words “what the h-ll is wrong with teens today?” might be a good fit for the story you’re about to read right here.   Four students in Atlanta were suspended for holding a piercing party i ...

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Sony BMG settles major legal battle with Black law firm for the rights of artists

Sony BMG Music Entertainment has settled a lawsuit filed by leading industry entertainment Attorney ...

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“Flesh display in the sanctuary”

Breasts, thighs, calves of the sisterhood are everywhere one looks; the brothers have shirts unbuttoned almost to the navel and pants tight enough to outline their personal selves. It not only is inappropriate, it is disgraceful and an affront to the God we claim to worship ...

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Motherhood is unique in the politics of cultural evolution

Yes. A mother is someone every human being on earth can identify with ...

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