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Is it a mistake when a Black man is murdered by the Police?

Is it a mistake when a Black man is murdered by the Police? ...

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What Part Of Creation Reminds You Of God?

We need lots of beautiful sights and smells in our lives. God knows that. Flowers are like miniature, smiling explosions of God’s grace. We really should stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the loveliness of God’s creation. ...

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EPA to require air pollution measurements in Black communities

These fence line measurements will give surrounding communities – largely low-income communities of color – data on the level of pollution they are exposed to each day. ...

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Michael Eric Dyson says President Obama needs to step up in Ferguson

Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson called on President Barack Obama to use his influence and get more involved in the current situation occurring in Ferguson. ...

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U.S. ‘falling further behind’ on race relations

Twenty years after signing the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,” the United States continues to struggle with racial disparities in every major sector of American society. ...

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Leading by example

Leading by example ...

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Blacks have become obsolete

Blacks have become obsolete ...

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Ending the payday lending debt trap

In just a few days, the debt trap at the core of small-dollar loans that come with triple digit interest rates and debt traps has generated an unprecedented groundswell of national and local attention ...

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African Leaders Summit: The ties that bind

African Leaders Summit: The ties that bind ...

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