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We Are Empowered: Alicia Keys wants to change the way women think about HIV

HIV advocate Alicia Keys has teamed up with Greater Than AIDS to launch Empowered, a new public information campaign to reach women in the U.S. about HIV/AIDS ...

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Ladies: Wanna get ‘in the mood’? Try these natural aphrodisiacs

The fenugreek seeds have phytoestrogens which help produce different s-x hormones in females ...

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Drink coffee to live longer scientists say

Research done by the National Cancer Institute in the United States shows that drinking a few cups of coffee a day can significantly reduce your likelihood of dying early ...

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Scientists: Global temperatures are warmer now than at any Time in the last 4,000 years

Scientists would answer yes, since many of them say that our global temperatures are warmer than any time in the last 4,000 years ...

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Is it best to eat before or after a work out?

If you eat a small meal, make it 2 to 3 hours. If you get hungry before your workout, have a light snack ...

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Too Drunk? Pop a pill and get sober

They are developing a cocktail of enzymes that should rapidly reduce the alcohol in your blood, helping you to sober up ...

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Tiger tamed Trump’s Blue Monster

Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, returned to the $8.75 million dollar World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship March 7-10, 2013 played on the TPC Blue Monster at Trump Doral Golf Club and Resort with a vengeance! Wood’s win was his 17th in a World Golf Championship event ...

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George Lee Burrows, Jr. the oldest of four children (Avis, Iris and Sonya) born January 27, 1954 to the parents of George Sr. and Agnes Burrows (deceased) was promoted to everlasting life on March 4, 2013 ...

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Florida Republicans shoot down Medicaid expansion plan leaving millions of Floridians in limbo

Medicaid expansion plan, thereby casting millions of uninsured Floridians into a state of limbo regarding healthcare coverage. ...

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