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Young, gay, Black — and at risk for HIV

Young, gay, Black -- and at risk for HIV ...

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Extraordinary talents: Twin sisters achieve exceedingly rare feat

After graduating from Xavier University with a 4.0 average in both chemistry and pre-med, Asia Matthew went looking to beat the odds ...

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‘Fiscal cliff’ might push poor, Blacks over the edge

If Republicans and Democrats don’t reach a 12th hour deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” many lower-and middle-income families will feel deep pain, according to analysis by economists and respected think tanks. ...

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Broward House recognizes Broward Health Vice President

Broward Health Community Health Services (BHCHS) Vice President Jasmin Shirley at its recent Broward House Red Ribbon Awards. ...

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Justice Department: Fighting discrimination against People Living with HIV

DOJ’s Civil Rights Division works to eradicate discrimination against people with disabilities, including those living with HIV or AIDS, by enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ...

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Federal health law touches off brouhaha

Federal health law touches off brouhaha ...

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The woman whose boyfriend killed her after she confessed to having HIV

Cicely Bolden had s*x with Larry Dunn, and Dunn says that the woman didn’t tell him that she was HIV-positive until after the two had intercourse ...

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Democratic Ranking Members on House Committees and Subcommittees

Twenty-two members of the Florida House Democratic Caucus have been appointed as Ranking Members of committees and subcommittees of the Florida House of Representatives ...

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How low will Republicans go

38 Republicans failed to honor the will of the people of the United States. ...

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