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Conservatives blast Obama as a race-baiter for Trayvon comments

Conservative columnist Jeffrey Kuhner, who in the past has accused the President of having “Black nationalist sympathies” and unleashing “class hatred and racial hostility,” couldn’t pass up another opportunity to depict the bi-racial President as a racist. ...

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North Carolina: Ground zero for voter suppression

Black leaders and Democrats, on the other hand, countered that the bill was just another GOP attempt at voter suppression, aimed specifically at the traditional Democratic base – African-Americans, Hispanics, college students, the elderly and the poor. ...

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Holder seeks to force Texas to ‘preclear’ voting changes

Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. has announced that the Justice Department will sue the state of Texas to compel it to preclear any planned changes in its voting procedures before they can go into effect. ...

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Evaluate your nonprofit from a funder’s perspective

Many will make their evaluation based your organization’s presentation and reputation without sharing their objections ...

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A Trayvon Martin fashion statement

Make a fashion statement to let the world know how you feel. The issue of “race in America” was clearly illustrated in the attention African Americans paid to the Zimmerman trial ...

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Morial calls for new civil rights movement

National Urban League President Marc H. Morial has called for “a new civil rights movement,” one that will focus on economic empowerment and justice ...

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Hollywood director F. Gary Gray combines his passions for movies & motorcycling in new Harley-Davidson documentary short

Gray combines his two passions in a documentary that follows an epic journey on his custom Harley-Davidson. ...

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U.S. Supreme Court reaffirms importance of diversity in college admissions but “adds a new wrinkle” for universities

Court added a wrinkle by sharpening the standard that universities must meet, requiring colleges to show there were no "available, workable race-neutral" alternatives available to them. ...

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What do we really have control over-really?

What do we really have control over ...

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