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Seventeen- year-old genius on track to complete a doctorate program this year — she graduated high school at age 11

She graduated high school at age 11, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the age of 14, an MBA at the age of 16, and is set to earn a PhD. at 17-years-old. ...

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At new museum, a Pop-Up Support System for Black Lives Matter

At new museum, a Pop-Up Support System for Black Lives Matter ...

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Two reasons why low income children are doing better in kindergarten

A new study shows that poor children are beginning to catch up with wealthy children when it comes to being prepared for kindergarten. Although both wealthy and poor children have shown improvement over the years, low-income children are improving at a faster pace. ...

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This type of Cancer is a growing concern in the Black community

There are four different types of the more common forms of leukemia, but one type is increasing concern in the Black community. ...

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Water down your high blood pressure

Water down your high blood pressure ...

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Why do Black businesses struggle to grow?

The biggest challenge that Black entrepreneurs face is access to capital, or the difficulties experienced in attempting to get a bank loan. ...

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Q & A

What does Reverend Deal say? ...

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Spirituality, not religion, is critical to Black women’s well-being

However, a new study indicates that spirituality, rather than religiosity, may be the element that is essential to Black women’s psychological well-being. ...

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How do you sense God’s presence?

We have this direct promise from Jesus about his presence in the midst of believers gathered in his name. Also, Scripture records many instances where God manifested himself in special ways when Christians gathered. ...

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