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Broward College allows guns in cars on campus

Broward College allows guns in cars on campus

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

      Broward College is the latest school to allow firearms in vehicles on the school’s grounds. Most colleges don’t allow guns anywhere on campus, which is also being questioned, but most of the law enforcement officers at most colleges oppose this decision. The change follows a court decision in which the University of North Florida banned the policy of allowing guns in cars on campus.

Gun rights group, Florida Carry, filed a suit stating that students should be allowed to carry weapons since Florida has a law to justify their means of carrying their guns. Florida Carry believes that the dorms and the apartments where students reside are considered the student’s place of residence so gun protection should be relevant. Florida Atlantic allows students to possess firearms as long as they are in the student’s car and not on his or her possession. UM and Nova Southeastern University still are just a few of the South Florida colleges that prohibit guns on campus, whether in a person’s possession or in said vehicle.

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