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A Trayvon Martin fashion statement

Make a fashion statement to let the world know how you feel. The issue of “race in America” was clearly illustrated in the attention African Americans paid to the Zimmerman trial ...

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U.S. Supreme Court reaffirms importance of diversity in college admissions but “adds a new wrinkle” for universities

Court added a wrinkle by sharpening the standard that universities must meet, requiring colleges to show there were no "available, workable race-neutral" alternatives available to them. ...

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The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim: Hold’Em Close

Duke Denim jumps into action in the debut novella, Hold’Em Close. ...

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America’s Crisis: 38 million have no retirement assets

According to the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), 38 million Americans – 45 percent of working-age households – have no retirement account assets. ...

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The Unbelievable Walmart

The Unbelievable Walmart ...

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Texas children face jail time for skipping school

Texas is criminalizing students who miss class by sending them to adult courts where they face fines and jail time ...

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No ‘Homeboy’ African trip for Obama

The trip will show the continent’s “Homeboy” to be no different than his 43 white predecessors: a paternal view of Africa as development cases, rather than opportunities for partnership. ...

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Aiding and abetting voter disenfranchisement

The Supreme Court just aided and abetted those who seek to suppress our right to vote. A narrow majority has ruled that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional. This is the formula used to determine which states and localities need preclearance before changing their voting laws. With the formula scrapped, the Department of Justice's most effective tool to prevent voter disenfranchisement has ...

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