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The year in review

The year in review ...

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Meet the youngest Black engineer in America

In addition to being an extraordinary engineer, Brittney also speaks five languages. She graduated with minors in five different fields, including math, psychology and classical studies. She has worked on Wall Street and also participated in numerous beauty pageants ...

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Whistleblowers rake in the dough: $3.3 billion recovered

Their tips have lead to the Justice Department’s recovery of $3.3 billion in frauds against the government this year ...

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How to avoid debt while Christmas shopping this year

How to avoid debt while Christmas shopping this year ...

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New world’s ‘Richest Black Woman’

world’s richest Black woman, has been kicked down a notch by new kid on the block, Folorunsho Alakija, according to Ventures Africa, an African business magazine and news service. ...

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Another Look at the Republican Party

In truth, the history of the Republican Party’s relationship with Blacks is one of a bright start followed by steady decline ...

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Motivational speaker transfers NBA skills to the business world

After leaving the NBA, Walter Bond was told he didn’t have enough experience during his job searches. “We’re looking for someone with more experienc ...

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Retail employment and the Wal-Mart effect

Retail employment and the Wal-Mart effect ...

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Falling off the fiscal cliff

we fall, jump, or back away from the cliff. ...

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