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13 marketing power strategies for Black business to deploy in 2013

13 is often seen as a negative number given the year 2012 and its impact on Black business it is probably better to go ahead and look at the glass has half full. So we will consider the year 2013 and the number thirteen as transformative ...

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It’s never too early to plan for college expenses

But if you want to make paying for college as painless as possible, you are going to have to start planning now ...

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The richest man in history; a Black man ? Get out of here!

So if you are like me when you heard that the richest man in the world was a Black man and that pretty much no other Black people are even close to that list, it smacked of well…..just how did that happen? ...

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Tips to Protect Tax Refund

Tips to Protect Tax Refund ...

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Social Security checks to be extinct by March

Social Security fraud, the government has informed these participants that they need to sign up for direct deposit or the Direct Express debit card by March 1, 2013. ...

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Can Black businesses dominate the use of the most potent marketing weapon?

Black business and the disparities in earnings between them all other ethnic groups, one would think that it’s virtually impossible for Black business to get a competitive advantage ...

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Claim all of your credits and deductions this tax season

Claim all of your credits and deductions this tax season ...

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Clutter: The biggest threat to Black businesses getting off the ground!!

The biggest threat to Black business today is the clutter factor. Unfortunately if you ask-ed the average business owner they probably won’t know what you are talking about ...

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Blacks moved to the back of the line – Again

If Black folks didn’t get anything when we were in second place, what makes anyone think we will get anything when we move into third place? ...

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