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New Study: Black homeownership falls to 42.2 percent

homeownership decline occurred in Black communities, where the percentage of homeowners dropped to 42.2 percent. Among the nation’s largest metro areas, Black homeownership declined the greatest in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas and Detroit. ...

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Time for a retreat!

Time for a retreat! ...

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Interim leadership: blessing or curse?

Interim leadership: blessing or curse? ...

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Campus facilities named for three friends

More than 50 years of friendship are being honored with the naming of three WMU facilities for a trio of men who met on campus as students and went on to become WMU trustees, Detroit business and civic leaders, and champions of young people ...

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Civil Rights groups ask for broad access to affordable lending

For these national organizations, the housing finance system must embrace—not abandon—its obligation to provide broad access and affordability in mortgage lending. ...

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Job growth slows, Black workers exit labor market in May

Although, the share of Black workers in the population that held jobs (employment-population ratio or E-POP), ticked up from 57.6 percent in April to 57.7 percent in May and the unemployment rate decreased from 7.9 percent to 7.5 percent, the latest numbers also indicated that some Black workers exited the labor market. ...

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Planned Confusion Solutions

Planned Confusion Solutions ...

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#BankBlack — Top 23 Black-Owned Banks, Credit Unions and other financial institutions

#BankBlack — Top 23 Black-Owned Banks, Credit Unions and other financial institutions ...

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Planned Confusion

Planned Confusion ...

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