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Can you hear Me now

Can you hear Me now ...

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Lord God, thank you for family

If we do nothing more on this Thanksgiving Day but tell God thank you for each one of our family members and try to live our best each day to love, live with respect for others and pray for the strength to do better, then we would have begun to do what we should all be about! ...

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We all have a role to play, what’s mine?

I am extremely proud that this accomplishment was made possible by a cross section of the population in this great country. An accomplishment of which we can all share in ...

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As Hurricane Sandy devastates the Northeastern parts of America, voters are preparing for the Presidential Election Storm of 2012

America, voters are preparing for the Presidential Election Storm of 2012 ...

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The importance of your vote

This year’s election is more important than ever. With early voting well underway until Saturday, Nov. 3, I urge you and everyone you know to get out and vote. ...

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If you care, dare to make a difference by voting!

Simply stated it’s your Right to vote— use it or lose it. Because when it’s all said and done and you don’t vote to get what you thought you should have gotten, then you have gotten just what you deserved! ...

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We are almost there and the enthusiasm is mounting; but, we need a list

Last week I tried to get a current list of all of the African American organizations in Broward County. ...

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‘I pity the fool’

‘I pity the fool’ ...

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ALL of Us are needed to keep President Obama in office

we need to get President Barack Hussein Obama reelected, step aside and try understanding that the word is not one dimensional ...

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