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Dreams do not change; how we perceive and honor them do

As the MLK Holiday celebrations draw to a close and the beginning of Black History Month is on the horizon, I would hope that we as a community would come together to present a unified front. ...

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A prayer is a life line and will do just fine

A prayer is a life line and will do just fine ...

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Dr. Scholl’s don’t have anything on Dr. Jesus

Dr. Scholl, manufacturer of foot care products for relieving and preventing foot, heel and knee pain is world renown; however the ultimate foot care specialist is Doctor Jesus! ...

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Who is controlling your fireworks display?

Even though we may be caught in the deadly currents of sins and life appears to be leftover remnants of a fireworks display God is right there to pull us to safety. ...

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Our Christmas wish for all is PEACE that surpasses all understanding

Pray for those who are suffering to have no more pain. For those that were once hated, and despised we pray for respect. Where wars and the threat of war prevail, allow these clashes to be resolved with tranquility and admiration. ...

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Just give me my marching orders

Just give me my marching orders ...

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What kind of bartender are you?

What kind of bartender are you? ...

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“HIV/AIDS is not an Alone disease.”

"HIV/AIDS is not an Alone disease." ...

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Be thankful, what is for you is for you and learn to cradle

Let’s begin the holiday season by cradling. Cradling first at home; then let’s take it to the streets. ...

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