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Toni Braxton back in studio with Babyface and going on tour after struggling with lupus and retiring

She has now confirmed that she and Babyface have been recording her new album in the studio. She has also confirmed that she will be doing a 14 city tour as well ...

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Chris Brown charged with hit-and-run, could get four years in prison

Brown has been charged with a serious hit-and-run by the LAPD due to a minor accident that occurred last month. ...

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Rapper Fat Joe going to prison for four months

rapper Fat Joe is going to have his music career significantly derailed after he was sentenced to four months in federal prison for tax evasion ...

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Eight tricks to make you smarter

Every day you gain a little more knowledge. Here are 8 situations that help you to become a little smarter! ...

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Watch: Did K-Mart Spoof Go Too Far With “Knickers” That Sound Like “N!ggers” Video?

  It hasn’t been that long since Dr. Boyce Watkins called out Mountain Dew for an ad featuring Felicia the Goat and a row of black men depicted in a police line-up. Dr. Watkins characterized the men in the ad as “Gold teeth, ‘mean mugging,’ sun glasses wearing, white-t sportin, hard core n*ggaz ready to “get into some ol gangsta sh*t.”   Next up was a Uni-Ball ad featuring a swole and incarcerated ...

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Kim Kardashain gives birth to a beautiful baby

Kim gave birth to a bouncing baby girl ...

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