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Meet the Only Black Millennial Who Is Breaking Racial Barriers on Capitol Hill

  The congregational staff workforce at Capitol Hill is mostly white. But a Black college student is breaking the racial barrier in the department; working in a place that some folks are unlikely to hire people like her. ...

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Libraries Director Kelvin Watson elected as a PLA Director-at-Large

Broward County Libraries Division Director Kelvin Watson has been elected as one of two new directors-at-large of the Public Libraries Association (PLA). ...

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ESSA demands full transparency on K-12 educational funding

     Public school systems throughout the nation will now be required to be a lot more transparent when it comes to school funding. ...

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NAACP joins in Connecting Civil Rights legacies of the past and present with ‘I AM’ Campaign, while saluting Memphis Sanitation Workers on MLK 50th Anniversary

Last week marked the solemn 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination in 1968, as well as the historic Memphis Sanitation Worker’s Strike. Beginning April 2nd through 4th, these groups and more all came together to successfully participate in the I AM 2018, a campaign and series of activities conceived not just to commemorate watershed events, but also to connect the legacies of King, and the strikers an ...

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     The campaign will focus on an aggressive voter registration drive, community-level education on important issues, and a mobilization effort—all designed to reach young, Black eligible voters. ...

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Take heed to Weather Warnings

Tornadoes touched down in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday! (Pictured) Down tree on 7th Terrace. ...

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Celebrating “Our Queen”

As celebrations go forth in England for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth on April 21, we, celebrate “Our Queen”, Mrs. Hattie Mae Courley, whose birthday is on April 21 as well. ...

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Civil Rights Lawyer Mario Williams rises from Peace Corps to sue White Supremacists

Civil Rights Lawyer Mario Williams rises from Peace Corps to sue White Supremacists ...

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Before the start of Cosby’s sexual assault trail, at least one juror says he’s guilty

Attorneys representing Bill Cosby are trying to convince Judge Steven O’Neill to dismiss a newly-minted juror, because he proclaimed that the comedian is guilty. ...

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