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Florida Republicans shoot down Medicaid expansion plan leaving millions of Floridians in limbo

Medicaid expansion plan, thereby casting millions of uninsured Floridians into a state of limbo regarding healthcare coverage. ...

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UTD election made history, raised haunting questions

Fedrick Ingram, a 1991 graduate of Miami Jackson High School, beat out five other candidates to win a controversial election that raises some haunting questions. ...

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Westside Gazette publisher honored by South Florida political elite

Westside Gazette Publisher Bobby R. Henry, Sr. and his wife, Broward County Administrator Bertha W. Henry will receive the award before a glittering crowd of 700 guests gathered to pay homage to those who help make their communities better ...

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White House Aide: Obama hasn’t abandoned Blacks

President Obama sent a clear signal in his State of the Union speech that he will continue to advocate on behalf of both the middle class and the poor. ...

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Palm Beach woman dedicates her retirement years to uplifting the lives of those less fortunate in PBC

Estella Pyfrom’s driving passion to help others less fortunate ...

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Thursday, Feb. 7, will be observed as National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. And according to activists, there is plenty that African-Americans need to observe. ...

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Lest we forget, or even more pathetic, lest we become lethargic

They say that the older you get, the smaller the world becomes. At one point last year my head was spinning as I said farewell to people near and dear, as well as some where the contact may have been one or two degrees of separation ...

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CBC member says Obama disrespects Blacks

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings says President Obama consistently disrespects the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), the Black Press, and graduates of historically Black colleges, key groups that were critical to his re-election in November. ...

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