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Education issues debated at town hall forum

Education issues debated at town hall forum ...

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“The link between on the suburban school shootings and gun violence on the streets”

Though I now live in Parkland and attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas, this past Valentine’s Day was not the first time that I was exposed to gun violence. I grew up in the city of Lauderhill where gun homicide rates often fluctuate. There I heard my first gunshots when a police officer was shot right outside of my neighborhood. ...

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Feeling the pain and moved to do something about it

“There is a focus on Parkland and safety, but we have over 40 other schools in our district without the resources Parkland has.” said Tennille Doe-Decoste, the third candidate for the District 4 seat. ...

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History-Making Nuclear Scientist, FAMU Grad Mareena Robinson Snowden to Deliver Summer Commencement Speech

On August 3, Robinson Snowden will return to the “Hill” to share her history-making journey with approximately 400 graduates during the University’s summer commencement exercise, which will take place at 6 p.m., at the Alfred L. Lawson Jr., Multipurpose Center and Teaching Gymnasium, located at 1800 Wahnish Way. ...

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NBA players salute LeBron James for opening new school in Akron

NBA LeBron James has checked off just about every box when it comes to major accomplishments as a basketball player, but the MVPs and championship rings pale in comparison to what the new Lakers star did Monday afternoon. ...

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Black Teen Denied Scholarship Money a Week Before Graduation… For Being Homeless!

And she always maintained high grades, so she would be eligible. But officials decided that she does not qualify for the scholarship that she dreamed of because she had been homeless for six months. ...

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As real estate developers rush to mine D.C.’S affordable housing stock, some residents are left in the dust

As real estate developers rush to mine D.C.’S affordable housing stock, some residents are left in the dust ...

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Democrats call on Trump to halt public release of plastic gun instructions

    Democrats in Congress called on President Trump Tuesday to stop the public release this week of a blueprint that contains instructions on how to build plastic guns with a 3D printer. ...

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Analyzing Obama’s Mandela Day Speech

     Following Trump’s embarrassing conference with Vladimir Putin, CNN reports on Barack Obama’s passionate speech on democracy in South Africa, part of an event honoring Nelson Mandela shortly before what would have been his 100th birthday. ...

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