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You can get much healthier with just one change

What if you could make one change to your life and become much healthier ...

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Surprising study explains why Black gay men have highest HIV rates of all sub-groups

A variety of other studies have proven that Black men have the highest incidence of HIV among all races and genders. But researchers were baffled about the exact reasons for the disparity. ...

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Black women and fibroids

According to US studies, fibroids occur up to nine times more often in Black women than in white women, and tend to appear earlier ...

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Nine foods that seem healthy but are toxic or cause diseases

Nine foods that seem healthy but are toxic or cause diseases ...

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Co-star on ‘That’s So Raven’: ‘I have cancer. Please pray for me.’

hit TV show, “That’s So Raven.” This week, Massey announced on his Facebook fan page that he has cancer. ...

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Can your lipstick give you herpes? Most test lipstick is filled with bacteria

According to experts, more than 50 percent of all testers are contaminated with bacteria such as: staph, strep and E. coli bacteria from feces and some have the virus that causes herpes. ...

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Four ways to reverse diabetes

Four ways to reverse diabetes ...

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Black gay males worst affected by HIV/AIDS infection. Is racism to blame?

Black men who have sex with other men are HIV positive, according to the report from the Black AIDS Institute, the only national HIV-AIDS think tank focusing on African Americans. ...

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What is lupus and what are its symptoms

Lupus is a disease that can be debilitating and can be mild or severe. The disease is an inflammatory condition in which the immune system begins to attack the body’s tissues and organs. ...

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