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This Magic Moment

Lillie Bailey and aunt, Kattye Adderly, (both cancer survivors) could not miss the chance to hear Magic Johnson speak recently at Holy Cross Hospital ...

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Your health is at risk: Incurable mutation is the second most common STD discovered

If you are sexually active, have had multiple sexual partners (including “oral inter-action”) or if you just care about your health, then you need to get tested for STDs, pronto ...

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Depression is more likely to affect teens engaging in casual lovemaking

Teens who have casual sex have a higher risk of depression, according to research that finds the same does not hold true for teens in a committed relationship. ...

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AHF blasts Gilead price hike on four key AIDS drugs

Advocates from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) recently criticized Gilead Sciences and its CEO John Martin on the news that effective Jan. 1, 2013 the company raised the price of eight drugs, including four key AIDS medications, which Gilead hiked an average of 6 percent ...

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Broward County Health Department encourages the public to take precautions against flu ‘It’s not too late to get a flu shot’

Broward County Health Department encourages unvaccinated residents and visitors to get vaccinated against influenza (flu). ...

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The #1 threat to kids’ health

This pervasive threat to children’s health is tooth decay, and the numbers are rising—even though cavities are largely preventable ...

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Fighting the office flu epidemic

What has been called the worst flu season in a decade could cost companies billions of dollars in employee health care costs for hospitalizations and more outpatient visits. ...

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Obesity during pregnancy causes child to have low Vitamin D

A new study reports that women who are obese at the start of their pregnancy may give birth to babies with insufficient levels of Vitamin D. ...

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Spoiling your child can cause behavioral problems

Have you ever used the words “spoiled brat” to describe a kid? When someone uses those words to describe a child, it is usually used in a negative context to describe a behavior that is a direct reflection of a person being acclimated to getting whatever they want, when they want it ...

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