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Six things in your home that can cause cancer

Consumer health groups have studied many household products and warned that they contain carcinogens, or ingredients known to cause cancer ...

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Men: The new caregivers?

Many men who were once their family’s breadwinners are more and more becoming their family’s caregivers. ...

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Questions you should always ask your doctor

Questions you should always ask your doctor ...

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Estate planning for family caregivers: Want you don’t know may hurt you

That is why the most crucial step any caregiver can take is finding an estate planning attorney who can help prepare five essential legal documents ...

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Marijuana increases likelihood of testicular cancer

A new study found that men who had smoked marijuana were twice as likely to get an aggressive form of the disease ...

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Sexuality Conference on World AIDS Day

The Broward County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. partnered with Broward Health will present its Family and Adolescent Health and Sexuality Conference on World Aids Day ...

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Diabetes cases hit record levels worldwide

Diabetes is running at record levels worldwide and half the people estimated to have the disease are, as yet, undiagnosed, according to a recent report. ...

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What’s killing gay Black men in America?

The epidemic is so ferocious among American Black gay and bisexual men it rivals those seen in sub-Saharan African countries that are hardest hit by the virus that causes AIDS. HIV/AIDS is literally killing the future of gay Black men, robbing men of quality of life and America of future leaders. ...

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Breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors ...

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