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Breast cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors ...

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How to cope with change upon returning to the workplace

Returning to the workforce after being laid off or fired can be intimidating. Few job seekers think about the best way to cope with the change a new job brings after spending months or years unemployed ...

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Breast Cancer Fundraising: Where Does All That Money Go?

By Lorraine Jones, BDO Staff Writer Every year, the month of October is filled with pink ribbons, walks and marathons—even pink cleats in the NFL—all in the name of breast cancer awareness. Grocery store aisles are lined with familiar products in special-edition pink packages. In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the breast cancer organization giant Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation reported approximately US ...

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State seeks changes in Medically Needy program

The Medically Needy program serves people who don’t qualify financially for the Medicaid program ...

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Breast cancer, one woman’s struggle

[caption id="attachment_4776" align="alignleft" width="290"] Joshlyn Earls[/caption] Breast cancer, one woman’s struggle Breast cancer patient Joshlyn Earls, founder of Fighting 4 The Tatas.   (Courtesy of Eliz C. Dowdy) By Eliz C. Dowdy Special to the NNPA from the Precinct Reporter      The Precinct Reporter sat down recently for a one-on one chat with Joshlyn Earls who has worn many hats, but is now in t ...

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When men get breast cancer – it’s worse!

Breast cancer in men is less common than in women, but it may be more deadly, new research suggests. ...

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Know Your Facts

Know Your Facts ...

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Men get circumcised to raise HIV Awareness

male lawmakers in Zimbabwe underwent voluntary circumcision in a new public drive to stem the spread of HIV ...

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Straight Black men ignored in AIDS initiatives

In the mountain of stats and programs, the impact of the AIDS epidemic on straight Black men is often overlooked. ...

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