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Miami Dolphins: A Week Three to Remember or Forget?

Is there a reset button that someone can push in real life or at least before the beginning of a football game? The Miami Dolphins needed it, or the cheat code to life because on Sunday when they played against the Buffalo Bills for their home opener it wasn't a pretty sight to behold. Someone must have forgotten to tell the Dolphins that the season has already started because the way that they have started ...

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Miami Dolphins: Five Areas of Improvement

The Miami Dolphins haven’t lived up to the billing for the entire NFL season. Many people expected this team to compete for a playoff spot and it looks like they won’t make it anywhere close to the postseason. When fans saw them play against the Buffalo Bills, it wasn’t a pretty sight. People left the parking lot angry and hostile. Nevertheless, there is plenty of time for the Dolphins to get their act toge ...

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