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At Press time, the winner of the Florida's Governor race had not yet been declared. ...

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Everyday heroes and sheroes we can see, touch and embrace, captured through his comic books

There are community activists, parents, businesspeople and spiritual leaders dedicated to increasing the standard of living in their communities every day. The kind deeds and acts of bravery committed by these heroes and sheroes often are underappreciated and rarely celebrated. Their careers, far from glamorous, hardly good paying and seldom noticed, are performed without fanfare. ...

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Centennial Celebration

Sister Leola Ficklin is Mount Hermon A.M.E. Church’s oldest member as she turns 100 years old on Nov. 22, 2018. She joined the church under Rev. G.N. Collins (pastor 1933-1937), ...

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National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Black Women’s Roundtable, Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation partner to launch Unity’18 Black Voting & Power Building Campaign in Florida

Florida Unity’18 Campaign focused on connecting economic Justice, Voting Rights and the power of the Black women and millennial vote in the 2018 Mid-Term Election cycle ...

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Golfers Swing for senior services

On Friday, October 26, over 50 avid golfers and senior advocates joined the Aging and Disability Resource Center to commemorate the 30th Annual Swing for Seniors Golf Tournament. The highly anticipated event was held at the Jacaranda Golf Club in Plantation. ...

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Check on those who hustle – our mental, physical and spiritual health matters too

Truth be told, ideas of slowing down, taking it easy, and putting yourself first is a constant desire and conversation amongst solo practitioners, small business owners and influencers. While the demand to be everywhere and do everything is ever present, achieving work - life - balance should be our priority ...

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They gave their lives, what are we willing to give

They gave their lives, what are we willing to give ...

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Bridging the Gap Between the Community, Black History and Education

Roderick Parker (pictured far right), the new Instructional Facilitator at the Old Dillard Museum (ODM) credits Philp Bulluck (far left), Charles Webster (center), Dr. Rosalind Osgood and Tracy Clark (both not pictured) for merging the ODM with Walker Elementary. Marrying the youth with history creates in ideal bridge for the community. ...

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It will cost to #BringItHome and we all have to be willing to pay votes and voting costs

     I wrote an article entitled “I don’t know about you but my vote will cost”. I bring up this point because, so many times people equate elections with money, and I want the candidates to understand that they have A PRICE to pay also.  Even candidates who are caught up in the world-wind victories of others, they are responsible and have a price to pay, too. ...

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